Hollman Helps is committed to improving the lives and facilities of high school student athletes. We believe that that the facilities can impact a student’s wellbeing and a schools recruitment for coaching talent. Locker rooms are an area where student athletes typically spend most of their time outside of the classroom. This space is when we see students learn the importance of teamwork, build character and develop leadership skills; all lessons that extend beyond sports.



Locker Room Renovations: To ensure a safe, healthy space for students, Hollman is working to improve conditions for high school student athletes through a locker renovation. This renewed environment will revitalize students’ school and community spirit.

Continued Education: The opportunity for an education past high school shouldn’t be a luxury. Hollman is committed to providing students with assistance in transitioning from high school to college with paid classes and books from the local community college.

Mental Wellness: For high school athletes the stress of athletic competition, achieving high academic grades added to that of daily life can create a difficult environment to navigate. Hollman is working to increase student awareness on mental wellness. We want to help remove the negative stigma surrounding mental health by educating students on mental wellness and management surrounding stress anxiety and depression.



Our goal is together with our partners we will be able to renovate locker rooms that will support the athletic programs, create positive mental well-being and be a central location to help develop team and leadership skills in high school students across the nation.

If you are interested in providing an in-kind product or service donation, please reach out to us at hollmanhelps@hollman.com



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Hollman Helps Brochure

Hollman Helps High School Edition Brochure
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2020 Hollman Helps Winner Hamshire-Fannett High School

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