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Employee Development for the Common Good

Hollman has a strong commitment to social and community responsibility and an even stronger one to our 200-plus employees. We truly believe that we all benefit when people are given the opportunity to develop, earn an education, and receive the tools to plan for their future.

That’s why we partner with North Lake College – a two-year public community college located across the street from Hollman’s campus – to provide our employees with the knowledge and skills to help them advance their careers and create a stronger workforce.

Program Details

All full-time employees and their eligible dependents can participate in the Hollman HELPs program. Tuition at North Lake College and books are covered 100% by Hollman, Inc.

Any employee of Hollman, plus his or her spouse and dependents, is eligible for HELPs after the 90th day of employment. We hope to encourage their personal advancement by supporting their education.

We don’t expect everyone to receive straight As. But we do hope our employees and their families will gain new perspectives, appreciation, and knowledge that can drive their success.

The Hollman HELPs program was featured in the Dallas Business Journal and was launched company-wide in the Spring of 2018.

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