Travis Hollman


Travis Hollman has been a serial “funpreneur,” businessman, innovator, and philanthropist for more than 20 years. Currently, Travis serves as President and CEO of Hollman Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of sports, fitness, and office lockers. Hollman’s leading-edge locker and workspace solutions can be found in the locker rooms of the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, the Dallas Mavericks, The New York Times, and the J.P. Morgan Chase Park Avenue offices.

Long before taking over the family business in 2011, Travis’s products and projects earned recognition on national television and in publications such as Good Morning AmericaThe Today ShowABC NewsUSA Today, and Fortune magazine. His success and experience extend into traditional retail environments and channels, with partnerships at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Toys “R” Us, 7-Eleven, and more. Travis takes fun seriously, bringing big ideas and innovation to market.

Travis’s startup ventures include the award-winning Marshmallow Fun Company, the creator of marshmallow guns for all ages, and Vacation in a Bottle (VIB), the first relaxation drink in the United States that you could find in the hands of A-list celebrities as well as mom’s pantry. In addition, Travis has had a successful track record in Hollywood as co-executive producer of MTV’s popular show, Bully Beatdown, a Mark Burnett Production. He also produced the movie Rain, starring legendary actress Faye Dunaway.

Following his entrepreneurial ventures, Travis took the helm of the family business. Founded in 1976 by Travis’ father Joe Hollman,  Hollman Inc. has always been viewed as an industry pioneer, a tradition that Travis intends to continue. Hollman’s innovative solutions can be found in notable organizations in the athletic, fitness, and corporate workspace arena, from the celebrated Chicago Cubs to trendsetting fitness clubs such as SoulCycle and the corporate offices of Goldman Sachs and Apple. Hollman is also the preferred partner of top private clubs and resorts, including 27 of the 36 major U.S. PGA courses.

In his time as president and CEO, Travis has grown the company to eight times its original size and introduced several new product lines, earning the coveted Locker Firm of the Year in 2016 and 2017. He attributes his success to the team he has surrounded himself with, as well as a continual drive to improve. While many of his early business ventures were successful, Travis has found that building foundations and focusing on continual success–rather than big flashes of success–is more fulfilling.

Throughout the years, Travis has been heavily involved with local charities, sitting on the Board of Directors for The Family Place, an organization that works to support victims of domestic violence. He and his wife, Stephanie Hollman, have been actively involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters for almost ten years and were honored with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Persons of the Year Award in 2017.

Travis has always put purpose over profit, showing the world that you can have fun in business and be a source of greater good for the local community.