Sue Hwang


Sue Hwang began her tenure at Hollman, Inc. in 1994 as a Project Coordinator. Hwang met founder Joe Hollman just after she graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in business administration and concentration in marketing. She impressed Hollman with her sales skills in her first job at NCR Corporation and was later promoted to the role of Vice President of Sales, then Vice President. Hwang was promoted to the role of Executive Vice President in 2015 and in 2019 was promoted to Chief Operating Officer to oversees sales, marketing, manufacturing operations and project management.

Hwang’s professional specialties include identifying and developing new markets, anticipating and adapting to trends, advising customers on ideal solutions, and developing fresh verticals. Under her leadership, Hollman has expanded markets from fitness clients to a full range of athletics, workspace, and specialty lockers. She takes pride in knowing the work inside and out.

Hwang is a regular volunteer at her church and is passionate about physical fitness. She enjoys spending time with her husband, an attorney, and their four children.

“You can have fun in business and be a source of greater good for the local community.”