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Smart storage solutions for locker rooms.

A smart locker management system is a must for companies with frequently changing teams working in shifts. Vecos offers a self-service smart storage solution for your locker rooms that practically manages itself and provides real-time insight into locker use. Moreover, optimal privacy and safety are guaranteed.

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Benefits For Employees

• Self-service storage system: Use the company access card or smartphone to control the lockers

• Charge a smartphone or tablet with the integrated USB port in the locker

• Easy and safe storage wherever they are and whenever they want

• Effective remote support when the badge is lost or forgotten


Benefits For Facilities Managers

• No more hassle with keys, batteries, or PINs – saving management time

• User-friendly software – the manager can control lockers remotely

• Real-time view of locker usage with available reports and log files

• Personal lockers, team lockers, visitor lockers, everything is configurable

• The system can be integrated into a (future) application or dashboard

• Safe and secure, fully compliant with GDPR standards


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