Soul Cycle Fitness

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    Alan Cooke, Sr Vice President of Design for SoulCycle, approached Hollman to build lockers that created a gallery-like brand experience for its customers. “Because our spaces are white and large and clean and modern, they tend to read more like an art gallery than a studio. We’re very passionate about art and what art can mean in a fitness environment. We continue to draw inspiration from the likes of John Pawson, Japanese architecture and minimalism in general.”

    Hollman incorporated design cuee and created a locker to marry to SoulCycle’s signature modern look of white walls and white lighting. Pur lockers, a frosty white laminate, now lead the trend in fitness and cycling boutique fitness.

  2. About SoulCycle

    As of 2016, SoulCycle has opened 85 locations in the United States. SoulCycle offers classes to all age groups with approximately 20,000 people riding at SoulCycle every week and about 440,000 active riders. SoulCycle boasts over 10,000 rides a day, 11 million visitors to its website, and an average profit of $4 million per studio

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