Georgia Tech Football

Project Background

For this very special project, Michigan State required lockers worthy of their football tradition. Their requirements included specialized gear storage, durability, closet-style doors, a tight budget…AND the ability to easily change the look of the lockers over time. Hollman was selected to work with architects from Integrated Design Solutions to create a solution.

Spartan Stadium opened in 1923 and since that time, Michigan State Football has won seventy percent of their home games. Since 2012, more than 34 million dollars has been committed to upgrading the facility to enhance the game day atmosphere. The project included a 50,000 square-foot addition, a new entrance plaza, additional concessions, a media center, and a new training room. Former All-America offensive lineman, Flozell Adams has provided a leadership gift of 1.5 million dollars for a new team locker room, named in honor of his late mother, Rachel Adams.


In order to meet the requirement that the lockers be able to be changed in appearance cost-effectively and easily over time, Hollman developed a locker door made out of magnetic laminate recessed in a metal frame.

Each player was photographed and their image adhered to their own locker. As incoming players earn their spots on the team, they will also be honored with a personalized locker. This has already proven to be a powerful recruiting tool.

Rajat Agarwal, Operations Manager at Hollman, speaks of a secondary challenge that resulted from this solution: “In order to make the display as impactful as possible, we found that the typical gap that allows pocket doors to retract was not going to work on this project. Hollman engineers innovated a combination of oversized doors and specialized hinging to cover the space and allow for a flush surface.

Locker Features

Magnetic Doors with Interchangeable Graphics

Closet-Style Retractable Doors

Specialized Gear Storage

Project Info

Project Date: 24.02.2015

Materials: Laminate, Solid Surface


The locker room is no longer just a place to tape up and put your shoulder pads on. It’s really become the player’s home and our athletes deserve the best. We chose Hollman as our locker provider to deliver on that promise.

– John Doe,
Head Coach, Michigan State

Locker Room Tour