Wall Panels

General Details

Athletic Wall Panels for Racquetball, Squash, and Sports Courts.

Our panels can be applied against the most common types of framework. The panels are set in place with adhesive. Then, they are screwed through the base of the top tongue, pulling each panel tight and flush. This ensures a smooth playing surface with the tightest seam fits possible.

High Impact wall and ceiling panels are the most important component of the court system. Our 4′ x 8′ tongue and groove (T&G) wall and ceiling panels incorporate a high density particle board core sandwiched between two layers of plastic laminate. These features result in a very dense, extremely tough surface designed to withstand the rigors of professional play and comply with USA Racquetball Association specifications. In fact they are so tough they are actually used in other applications such as lining gymnasium walls and jail holding cells.

Courts Part Sales

Hollman carries a full line of replacement parts for racquetball, squash, and sport courts. Please reach out. We will be happy to assist you with selections and ordering:

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